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  1.  Sat, Mar 23rd

    The is shining bright!! Spring is motivation and...

     Family & Education, Music 0
    Perfectly Unhinged
  2.  Sat, Mar 23rd

    I promised a few ladies I would announce when the...

     Music 0
    Perfectly Unhinged
  3.  Fri, Mar 22nd

    New goodies coming to Perfectly Unhinged from Angie Helvey at

     Music 0
    Perfectly Unhinged
  4.  Fri, Mar 22nd

    A new Explore Tennessee design has dropped in at Perfectly...

     Music 4
    Perfectly Unhinged
  5.  Thu, Mar 21st

    CONGRATULATIONS to the orchestra students of Dobyns-Bennett High...

     Arts & Culture, Family & Education, Music 7
    Dobyns-Bennett Orchestra
  6.  Thu, Mar 21st

    Not even sure where to begin with officially introducing this...

     Arts & Culture, Family & Education, Music 5
    Perfectly Unhinged
  7.  Thu, Mar 21st

    The House band is back for another Jam Session tonight...

     Music, Food & Drinks 0
    Model City Tap House
  8.  Wed, Mar 20th

    When people enter our store, we are often asked what...

     Arts & Culture, Music 3
    Perfectly Unhinged
  9.  Wed, Mar 20th

    Who is ready to come out and support our local...

     Food & Drinks, Music 1
    Railway Express Band
  10.  Wed, Mar 20th

    Happy first day of Spring!! to celebrate Tattered Threads...

     Music 4
    Perfectly Unhinged
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