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  1. Would you, could you? He did! #FreddysWorthIt : Caroline Lathan

     Sun, May 20th - Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Kingsport, TN  Food & Drinks 0
    Would you, could you? He did! #FreddysWorthIt 📸: Caroline Lathan
  2. Billy, Goat, Gruff: The Musical (May 29) 14 days. May-29th to Jun...

     Tue, May 29th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture, Food & Drinks 0
    Book and Lyrics by Gwen Edwards Music by Ben Mackel The musical tale of three goat brothers – Billy, Goat, and Gruff – who go in search of food before the winter snow descends upon their mountain. On their travels they encounter many dangers, escape a nasty troll, and discover that if they follow their hearts, anything is possible. Don’t miss this incredible adventure! Cast & Credits Media Sponsor: CW
  3. Sister Act (May 20) 3 days. May-18th to May-20th

     Sun, May 20th - Barter Theatre  Arts & Culture, Food & Drinks, Family & Education, Church & Ministry 0
    Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Glenn Slater Book by Cheri Steinkellner and Bill Steinkellner Additional Book Material by Douglas Carter Beane A heavenly surprise, filled with powerful gospel music, outrageous dancing and a truly moving story, this feel-good comedy smash will have you jumping to your feet with excitement and joy! A woman hiding in a convent helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she rediscovers her own. Make a joyful noise and join us for this musical comedy smash based on the hit film starring Whoopi Goldberg. “’Take Me to Heaven’ and ‘Spread the Love Around’ bloom into full-throttle disco epics, the latter building up to an ecstatic finale.” –NY Post Director's Notes “MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE” It was a time of great change in the world, the years of my youth. The nuns in my life embraced that change and led the way in getting others to embrace change. I grew up with nuns. In grade school starting in third grade, when the catholic school was built as part of our church, and throughout my high school years at the seminary, my education was filled with nuns. Even in college, I had the honor of being involved in social work and work with poor families and homes for the aging in which nuns were involved. I had and still have great love for these nuns, who in many ways helped shape my life. Unlike some unfortunate experiences that I have heard from others who had nuns as teachers in school, the nuns that I grew up with were patient, kind, encouraging, excellent teachers, nurturing, open to the world and everything the world would bring to them, unwavering in their religious beliefs, and were filled with the joy of life. They were the epitome of Christianity in every way. And they were also lots of fun! The nuns in SISTER ACT, are very much like the nuns with whom I grew up. They are full of joy; devout in their commitment to their religion, and willing, when asked, to accept anyone into their family without judgment or question. They do not look to convert; they look to help. Even Mother Superior, who seems resistant to the request to shelter Deloris, does not do so out of judgement or out of rigidity, but more out of protection for her family of nuns for whom she serves as the matriarch and protector. In the end, the story of SISTER ACT is one where diverse parties grow and are transformed by each other. Deloris finds herself to be a new and better person. The nuns break out of their cloistered selves to renew their commitment to the betterment of the world around them. Mother Superior remembers the reason she took her vows and learns to trust her family and herself. In the end, I would say that they find their real calling, which had been lost or buried in the struggle of everyday survival. They are better because they touched each other’s lives. The world is better because they unleash themselves. May we have such moments in our own lives. May we allow ourselves to give such moments to the lives of those around us. For that is our job on this earth: To discover our voices and to help others discover their voices, so that we call all fill the world with song. Make a joyful noise! Richard Rose, director of SISTER ACT. Cast & Credits Cast: Mother Superior: Tricia Matthews Announcer: Rick McVey Deloris Van Cartier: Raven Flowers Michelle: Sarah Laughland Tina: Hannah Ingram Curtis Jackson: Nick Koesters Ernie: Andrew Hampton Livingston Joey: Rick McVey Pablo: Sean Maximo Campos TJ: Tyler Chandler Cop: A ndrew Hampton Livingston Eddie Souther: Justin Tyler Lewis Hookers: Michaela Nicole, Paris Bradstreet Sister Mary Patrick : Kim Morgan Dean Sister Mary Robert: Hope Quinn Sister Mary Lazarus: Paris Bradstreet Sister Mary Martin-Of-Tours: Michele Burdette Elmore Sister Mary Theresa: Mary Lucy Bivins Sister Mary Celeste: Rusty Allen Sister Mary Irene: Sarah Laughland Sister Mary Vincent: Hannah Ingram Sister Mary Thais: Zacchaeus Kimbrell Sister Mary Bernadette: Joylene Taylor Sister Mary Priscilla: Katherine Lyle Sister Mary Therese: Zoe Velling Monsignor O’Hara: Michael Poisson Bar Biker Patrons: Zacchaeus Kimbrell, Rusty Allen, Katherine Lyle, Zoe Velling Girl in Bar: Michaela Nicole Bartender: Michael Poisson Homeless: Sean Maximo Campos, Tyler Chandler, Sarah Laughland, Michaela Nicole Cab Driver: Andrew Hampton Livingston Newscaster: Michaela Nicole Fantasy Dancers: Sean Maximo Campos, Tyler Chandler, Nick Koesters, Sarah Laughland, Andrew Hampton Livingston, Michaela Nicole Collaborators: Director: Richard Rose Choreographer: Ashley Campos Additional Musical Staging: Amanda Aldridge & Ashley Campos Music Director: Lee Harris Set Design: Derek Smith Costume Design: Amanda Aldridge Lighting Design: Andrew Morehouse Sound Design: Tony Angelini Stage Manager: Sara Douglas Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria L. Sutton Assistant Choreographer: Sarah Laughland Dance Captain: Ashley Campos Corporate Sponsor: Food City Media Sponsor: WCYB VIPSEEN Lamar Photos Videos
  4. Tonight at 6pm

     Sun, May 20th - Woodstone Deli  Food & Drinks 0
    Tonight at 6pm
  5. Today was a great day, rain and wet roads and...

     Sat, May 19th - Kingsport Moose Riders  Food & Drinks, Music 0
    Today was a great day, rain and wet roads and all! Even with the bad weather we raised $280 each for Dames for Danes and Kingsport Animal Shelter, as well as many donations of food and other pet supplies. I am proud to belong to such an amazing organization! Thanks
  6. They are set up and ready to rock! The rain...

     Sat, May 19th - CJ's Sports Bar  Food & Drinks 0
    They are set up and ready to rock! The rain has slowed and there is still time to get out to join us!
  7. Tonight, Jet Black Audio returns to the stage and it...

     Sat, May 19th - CJ's Sports Bar  Food & Drinks 0
    Tonight, Jet Black Audio returns to the stage and it officially is Randy's first time returning as the lead singer in a while! We love you Randy and we love that we get to rock out with you and the guys tonight!
  8. TONIGHT! Were excited to welcome Cory Jeter to the Tap...

     Sat, May 19th - Model City Tap House  Food & Drinks 0
    TONIGHT! We’re excited to welcome Cory Jeter to the Tap House for some live local music starting at 8pm! #livemusic #downtownkingsport #localmusic
  9. Fit for a queen. #RoyalWedding #RoyalWedding2018

     Sat, May 19th - Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Kingsport, TN  Food & Drinks 0
    Fit for a queen. #RoyalWedding #RoyalWedding2018
  10. TD Hicks is our live music tonight from 7pm-10pm. Come try...

     Fri, May 18th - Beef 'O' Brady's Kingsport  Food & Drinks 0
    TD Hicks is our live music tonight from 7pm-10pm. Come try our wings tonight at the Spring Wing fling at the Farmers Market. TGIF
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